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Primordial Visions: the Photography of Howard Pugh
Philosophy of Art and Creativity - Tourniquet of opportunity? primordial element: The Sunprimordial element: Fireprimordial element: The Atomprimordial element: Lightning

Philosophy of Art and Creativity

Art Philosophy of Howard Pugh
Where you are, away from the horizon
I approach photography similarly to that of music: always striving to further cultivate a garden of analytical precepts. Yet always ultimately relying on a seemingly primordial, non-reflective kind of intuition —an intuition that almost freely leaks in from the corners of my being, self-less and unthematic— in the actual act of creation.

Our ego/identity must be relegated to that of a passive witness during these moments I would only characterize as a free-flowing genesis of discovery. Counter to conventional thinking however, I believe inspiration itself is merely a personalized response to this magical gift. Credit for art is so often mistakenly given to the individual —even a kind of deification— yet it is precisely the notion of personality and possession that must be utterly abandoned before passing into that glowing terra incognita, that fantastic yet exquisitely familiar place of submersive, artistic vision.

Payment for my photographs, however, will go directly to me.

As an artistic guideline, I try to avoid appareling my images with trendy decorative styles or whimsical devices, opting instead for the less adorned, naked portrayal of my subjects; lending them greater authenticity, and ultimately, I feel, a universality. The quest for implicit archetypes or meta-archetypes (neither of which I believe actually exist) is at the core of each image's design. But just because these pseudo-symbolic elements in my photography tend to have a bias toward the unintelligible does not make them less meaningful. Indeed, it is from that great ocean of the unintelligible —swamping our daily awareness with menacing regularity— that dreams emerge, visions haunt us, and spiritual hallucinations eat away at the margins. Here is where the extraterrestrials are telegraphing us frantically, in every asymmetry and syncopation that "nature" can throw. The very fabric of the real screaming it's cosmic polemic; just beyond the range of our understanding, like a conceptual dog whistle. The next species to dominate the world will probably get it, the next trade-up in the evolutionary market place will begin to hear that whistle and be afraid.

Happy Hyperboles:

—Art is the ultimate in prejudice.

—Art requires a temporary concentration camp for the suppression of ambiguity.

—Art is the angular timbers, the fallen beams of bold guesswork; half submerged in the watery cosmic of the innocent unknown.

—The visible boundries of our horizons slink into the shadows when the self-thing is evicted from the house of being. (1)

—The wellspring of artistic creation is plumbing the same water table as that sense of spirtuality. The only difference is that spirtual sense is delivered using a suction pump, above the surface, creativity is sent up using a submersable/push pump from below. (2)

Quotes on the Nature of Art:
Pablo Picasso investigating truth
Pablo Picasso

" Art is not merely an imitation of the reality of nature, but in truth a metaphysical supplement to the reality of nature, placed alongside thereof for its conquest. "
—Friedrich Nietzsche
" For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity to exist, a certain physiological precondition is indispensable: intoxication. "
—Friedrich Nietzsche
" It does not seem possible to be an artist and not be sick. "
—Friedrich Nietzsche
" Art is a lie that makes us realize truth. "
—Pablo Picasso

Interesting Writings on the Nature of Art:

Please have a nice day.

1. "self-thing" = self as a thing, phenomenon or self-sufficient substance
2. Any pump person worth their salt knows that a submersable pump can push a column of water far higher than
      even the best end-suction (pull) pump. There's a physical limit to how much water a vacuum will carry.
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